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The year was 1989! Guruji shifted his attention to Uttar Pradesh.(Uttaranchal and later Uttarakhand was part and parcel of UP before the agitation started to get a better deal for the neglected Hill districts.)

Swami Nand Kishoreji was a disciple of Osho. As life plays itself out Osho passed away leaving a perplexed Swami Nand Kishoreji to figure out the next step on his chosen path of spirituality. Gurudev knocked on his residence door in Dehradun and asked him to join the Art of Living and do the basic course and told him he had to teach. HE told him much in the same way he told his revered father(Pitaji) when he came out of his 10 day meditation – “come there is work to be done people are waiting”!
26th January 1990 Swami Nand Kishoreji did his basic course with Guruji  at Haridwar .Guruji  asked him to take charge and develop UP. The seeds were sown and Swamiji went about taking courses when AOL was not heard of and to getting 5/6 people for a course was a challenge. Soon thereafter Guruji expanded his area of responsibility and added Punjab to his portfolio.

After a few years Ashok Agarwal shifted to Dehradun from Kolkatta and in 2002 Shweta Golani became a teacher and started helping Swamiji further the aims of AOL and the momentum of courses picked up.
Uma Vig , Swamiji’s wife , fondly known as Uma Ma by all also became a teacher along with her daughter Divya and the mother daughter duo started taking courses in Art Excel.
They started regular satsangs at their residence in Clement town from 1995 onwards. The first satsang with Guruji was held on Rajpur road in ’99 (a place which was opposite where Domino’s is today)

Then came the second wave of teachers as it were, Rahul Talwar, Swami Swantantranandji, Monika Bansal, Abhishek Kohli, Umesh Pradhan, Nitin  Jain,Sudha Manral(who also became the first State Teacher Coordinator) and the number of teachers and participants started to grow. Today there are 76  teachers although some have moved out and are not operating in the State.

Uttarakhand came into being in 2002 and in early 2011 Mr Vijay Radadia from Surat , Gujrat  was nominated as the State Teacher Coordinator.
Uttarakhand was operating under the northern region with Delhi Apex office providing assistance .In 2012 a separate Apex body was formed for Uttarakhand. Five members were nominated by Guruji- Mr Rajesh Chhabra at Khatima, Mr Kamal Kapur at Almora , Mr Dhirendra Kabadwal at Haldwani, Mr S K Gupta and Mr Ranjit Lall at Dehradun with Mr Vijay Radadia from Surat , Gujrat  as the State Teacher Coordinator since early 2011.